The Headline inflation indicator for December 2015 increases at a rate of 0.3% as compared with the previous month and at a rate of 2.3% as compared with December 2014
decline in all indicators of industrial installations
Decrease In Employees Number At large Industrial Establishments For 2014
Aircrafts Movement for Domestic and International Flights in Iraqi Airports Increased During 2014 at (17.3%) Landing and (34.0%) Departing
For the first time, Central Statistical Organization in Iraq the implemented Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of the Community Survey about the Uses of Water and Environmental Aspects of households for 2014
Total revenues of the General Company for Iraqi Ports was increased as rate (16.7%) and decreased in the General Company for Maritime Transport as rate (1.8%) from past year.
Number of Internet Coffee Shops increased by (7.6%) comparing to 2010
Number of busses belong to transport activity that used for transporting passengers and delegates increased by (11.1%) for current busses and (4.2%) for those in action
Decrease of passengers transported by (9.5%) comparing to the last year Rail way sector activity statistics in 2013
Increase of goods imported and exported in 2012 through ports of Iraq by (15.2%) for imported goods and (18.1%) for exported goods comparing to 2011
Statistic of traffic accident recorded for 2013



In Thirties of last century the statistics office was department in the Ministry of Economy and Transport, after it was divided into two ministries....


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During the ceremony launch of knowledge and attitudes of community practices around water use and environmental aspects survey in Mayssan and Najaf


The Central statistics organization in cooperation with the Mayssan and Najaf statistics office ceremony of knowledge and attitudes of community practices around water use and environmental aspects survey in Iraq for the year 2014 which was first implemented in Iraq with the EU partnership and UNICEF to provide a database on public awareness of more



A workshop held at the headquarter of the central statistical organisation to discuss  the highlights of the first meeting of the Working Group of general population and housing censuses/ 2020.


 At the beginning of the workshop Dr.Dhiaa A. Khadum the head of the central statistical organisation, welcomed the ladies and gentlemen and congratulated them on the occasion of the New Year.

For his part, Mr. Samir khudair, Director of population and labour force statistics a detailed explanation to the first meeting of the Working Group of .. read more    


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  • The technical committee of poverty reduction holds meeting with mutual support positions

    (governarates and ministries)

    The head of the technical committee, Dr.Mehdi AL-Allaq welcomes the rising voices concerning the poor and poverty


    The technical committee of poverty reduction held wide mutual meeting with the support positions. The meeting attended by the head of the committee Dr.Mehdy AL-Allaq, deputy minister of planning and representatives from ministries and governorates. “Welcome to the rising voices that defy poverty and pay more attention to the poor” AL-Allaq said, “A super committee headed by the deputy of head of economic affairs ministers council, Rose Saweesh applied certain methodology to follow-up this important issue and address problems and challenges”, “We hold this meeting to go over the achievements during 2012-2013 and consult our reports especially the last one, the monitoring report, we should present to the super committee” adding  and thanking the committee for expressing its concerns and cooperation.

    “The executive administration of poverty reduction strategy applies the “integrate development” as a mechanism and empowers the poor to achieve its main target, “reducing poverty” Miss Najlaa A.Murad, the director general of executive administration of poverty reduction strategy. Her 2012 plan was a comprehensive development plan covered the seven poorest provinces and aimed to reduce multidimensional poverty through obtaining further income than work income, improving health status, enhancing education and providing better dwelling environment for the poor.

    445 billion ID of the investment budget of 2012 has been allocated for poverty reduction projects and activities to finance (24activity) that the seven poorest provinces, ministries of Labor and social affairs, Health, Education and Housing and Construction undertook to conduct. The proportion of implementation as whole did not exceed 20% while the proportion of the conducted projects and activities belong to the first category which is (further income than work income for the poor) was 20%,then the second one (improving health status) standed at 11%, the third (enhancing education for the poor) 28%, finally the fourth (better dwelling environment for the poor) reached 13%.

    The reasons of achievement ratio decreasing

    The main reasons of decreasing of achievement ratio in some of the projects are: delay admission of the budget for 2012 and 2013 and delay of delivering allocations to the provinces that leads to delay conducting the projects and activities. Whoever some of the projects lack to the sound planning that serves the poor in the provinces since the planning sometimes aligns with political parties desires that in turn results in changing priorities of some governorates, this happens when the governor or governorate council are replaced. Some of governorates and ministries do not have the sufficient awareness in applying administrative procedures and arrangements, other obstacle is that no lands allocated for poverty reduction projects that leads to delay of conducting beside weakness of some of the support positions in provinces and ministries to provide executive administrative of poverty reduction strategy with detailed information on the projects e.g.  challenges and implementation ratio, so that they may solve problems in time as well as no easy cooperation among support positions and contact members in provinces for specifying the priorities of projects, supplying the necessary requirements and monitoring implementation action plan. Moreover, the members in charged are engaged with other tasks which affect their performance in the specific mission, other serious obstacle is that some ministries and governorates depend on the strategy budget via transferring which negatively affect the strategy projects implementation. In addition, there is no poverty map projected with poverty areas, so the projects are not accurately targeting the poor otherwise the advantages go to rich people.

    The poverty strategy document implies codes and legislations that ensure reforming the policies which support poverty reduction activities and comprises the code of reviewing the agricultural laws and policies for poor farmers interest as well as it insert to the labor code flexible items determining the less wage
    (which is one of the new labor code items), in addition reconsidering the code of social protection net in a way that ensures all children of included households are enrolled and attended the schools.

    These codes will provide the legal framework for the executive administration of poverty reduction to achieve the strategy goals. The executive administration shall support the certain institutions in order to activate these codes as soon as possible since they are still in front of the Council of Ministers or the Parliament. The limited annual allocations for the activities of the strategy are not sufficient to form a separate item in the state annual budget. No specific conditions determine commencement of the announcement procedures as the projects being listed and financially allocated leads to postponed starting work for long time as it happened in the 2012 strategy projects where no real steps has been performed.      

    The proposals for enhancing the projects of poverty reduction

    Allocate lands in all the governorates that poverty reduction projects suppose to be conducted on, support the executive administrative monitoring team by providing the letters that facilitate the field visits to all the governorates, query the slacker offices by the super committee of the strategy to avoid wasting effort, time and money, direct the relevant offices in all governorates to start conducting the projects as soon as the allocations are specified to exploit time till the budget is admitted and the bonds are signed, specify alternative projects ready to be conducted (provide implementations requirements, benefit from parliaments’ positions in the strategy technical executive membership in observation and correction by presenting the achievement ratio of periodical implementation reports in front of the governorates representatives in the Council of Parliaments. The annually implementation ratio drops because every year the budget admission delays about (5-6) months. It is proposed that the fiscal year begins by the admission of the budget and ends by the same date of the next year as well as conditions should be setting to state commencing the announcement process procedures right after receiving financial allocations by the certain offices monitored by the governors. Some proposals by the executive administration which serve the development directions of the poverty reduction projects, these are: activating the super committee in the governorates to follow-up the activities of the strategy, prepare the technical reports periodically and present them to the technical and super committees beside granting bonuses to the super committee for following-up the plan in the governorates and to the support positions to enhance the strategy projects particularly according to exceptional procedures because they directly affect special raft in the society, enhance awareness of the strategy and its actions planned or under conducting and prepare an action plan for fieldwork visits to follow-up implementation.                









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